Sloppy Turd

Hello all 6 of my fans,

For funsies, I’ve just submitted a game called “Floppy Turd” to the app store. It’s a riff off Flappy Bird, except you play as some poo going down a sewer. Awesome! Torri Lindsay did the art.

Sloppy Turd!

The Story
Our tale begins with the flush of a toilet. That satisfying sound commences the tale of a fresh poo and his quest to make it through a sewer without losing his sense of self.

This is a riff off the popular game, Flappy Bird, with similar gameplay. The difference is that it has Realistic Poo Physics and the most satisfying flatulence sounds you’ll ever hear outside of a spicy foods restaurant. Also if you do well enough, you may even unlock a second Poo Mode!

My high score is 56. Can you beat it?

Having issues with it? Why not get on Twitter and message me, @daemonpants. If that doesn’t work, shoot me an email, or leave a comment on this page.

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