Sloppy Sludge

Hello all 6 of my fans,

For funsies, I’ve just submitted a game called “Sloppy Sludge” to the app store. It’s a riff off Flappy Bird, except you play as some sludge going down a storm drain. Awesome! Torri Lindsay did the art. This is, of course, a way of trying to make this game PC enough for the App Store.

Editor Screenshot 1

The Story
Our tale begins with the chug of an automobile, the puff of a power plant. All that sludge has to go somewhere, and it’s often in our streets. The street cleaners then come by and clean all the accrued sludge away with their big brushes. And down the drain pipe they go. After a particular heavy rain, a nuclear accident, and some other stereotypical origin story nonsense, one particular piece of sludge became alive. Save it from decomposing!

This is a riff off the popular game, Flappy Bird, with similar gameplay. The difference is that it has Realistic Sludge Physics and the most satisfying squishy sounds you’ll ever hear outside of a gak factory. Also if you do well enough, you may even unlock a second Sludge Mode!

My high score is 56. Can you beat it?

Having issues with it? Why not get on Twitter and message me, @daemonpants. If that doesn’t work, shoot me an email, or leave a comment on this page.

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  1. Lucia says:

    My highscore is 58!!! And I’ve just turned 12!

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