If you’re here for BlitzKeep, please head over to and/or Flint Games. You can also email me directly at

For more details, check out the BlitzKeep post on the home page.



  1. Hello,

    I’m Mark Prevonzy from is a site where we review or write articles about games and apps from the App Store. We would love to review your launched game BlitzKeep (universal). We rate an app depending on gameplay, graphics, repetitiveness, and etc. It would be great if you can give us just one (1) redeemable code for us to review with for the App Store (United States). We will try to put up the review sometime next week. When it’s out, we will provide you link to the review. We look forward to checking it out and thank you, Elijah Delventhal.

    Note: We will be reviewing on an iPad Air 2 running on iOS 8.1.2.

    Mark Prevonzy, TechHive


  2. Jacob Peters says:

    Hi ,

    We here at IGV Gameplay Videos are looking forward to the release of Blitzkeep on iOS. We would like to cover it on our youtube channel: . We would be very grateful if you could send us a promo code.

    J, Peters
    IGV Media

  3. SSPAI says:

    Hi there,

    Our website ( focuses on digital devices and apps. More than 10 thousands people visit our site every day.

    We hope we are lucky enough to get an iOS promo code of your game BlitzKeep for reviewing. The review will be posted on the homepage, and it will be our greatest honor to get your help.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

  4. Eli Delventhal says:

    I will of course give you all promo codes!

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